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JJmR-Clean-Air Solution was established in 2004 and started its business by designing and manufacturing customized iron (plastic) pieces, the company took a steady pace to expand in several years and then followed customers' demands of semiconductor and optoelectronics industries and other industrial to design, develop and manufacture own brand products. The company continues to improve product design in responding customer's needs for the expectation of meet customers' high-efficiency and zero-risk requirements.

It has always been our mission to comply with customers' demands, adjust management concepts and develop new technologies; today, JJmR-Clean-Air Solution is even better prepared itself to compete with competitors from all over the world, expects the own brand products will bring the greatest benefits for our customers. By combining the endeavors of national and foreign academic institutions, raw materials suppliers and out-sourcing suppliers, along with the application of energy-efficiency and economic integration concepts, and field test data, JJmR-Clean-Air Solution has owned a large number of inventions of air monitoring brand products and new patents, and has applied strict design expertise to manufacture product modules to further improve product assembling quality and simplicity of field installation, continue to advance company's competitiveness and make persistent efforts for the objectives of becoming a brand company and participating in international competition.

Company Organization

Products Application

Products are applied in semiconductor industry, memory industry, optoelectronics industry, biotechnology industry, wastewater treatment plants, commercial industrial office buildings, hospitals and hotels.

Service Location

  • Taiwan Zhubei Office
  • Taiwan Tainan Ofiice
  • Taiwan Kaohsiung Office
  • Singapore Office